Cold appetizers

7Dalmatian Prsut air-dried ham with butter and bread11,80 €
8Vitello Tonnato (thin slices of veal fillet with tuna-caper sauce)13,80 €
9Smoked salmon on toast and butter10,90 €
11Hot and Cold (seasonal salads with warm turkey breast strips)10,80 €
12Carpaccio (of fillet of beef)12,80 €

Warm appetizers

25Fresh mushrooms stuffed with crab8,80 €
26Camembert “French style”
baked, with cranberries, toast and butter
7,80 €
28Feta cheese
with herb butter au gratin
7,90 €


17 Chicken soup with chowder 4,80 €
18 Tomato cream soup 4,80 €
19 Onion soup “French style” (with cheese au gratin) 5,00 €

Toast dishes


Split Burger
Pljeskavica, lettuce, onions, tomato, ajvar and bacon served with fries

9,80 €
36Ladies Toast
Pork tenderloin with pineapple, peach and hollandaise sauce
12,80 €
37Men’s toast
Rump steak with roasted onions and fried egg
14,80 €



Band noodles
With fresh butter mushrooms

9,80 €
43Band noodles
With spinach leaves and cremfraiche
9,80 €
16Spaghetti Bolognese
with homemade minced meat sauce
9,80 €
13Spaghetti Scampi
with spicy tomato sauce B
15,80 €
14Band noodles with seafood.
in tomato basil sauce, parmesan cheese and grilled prawns in garlic oil
13,80 €
15Band noodles with salmon
in cream sauce
14,80 €
41Vegetarian vegetable pan
various vegetables baked with cheese and hollandaise
11,80 €

Baked potato

500 Dalmatia With smoked salmon 10,80 €
501 Mexico Turkey With strips of turkey breast fillet, peppers and corn in garlic chili oil 12,80 €
502 Gaucho With strips of herbed Argentine Angus Beef 14,80 €
503 Skampioni With fried scampi in garlic oil 13,80 €


504 Peasant omelet With mushrooms and bacon served with fried potatoes 7,80 €
505 Vegetable omelet with Fresh Vegetables 6,80 €
506 Classic omelet with ham and cheese 5,80 €


 Redfish fillet
With broccoli and buttered potatoes
16,80 €
 Cablefish fillet in dill sauce.
with broccoli and butter rice
17,80 €
 Zander fillet
crisp fried with market fresh vegetables and buttered potatoes
18,80 €
 grilled trout
with market fresh vegetables and buttered potatoes
16,80 €
 Filet of sole
with spinach leaves and buttered potato
19,80 €
 Scampi from the grill
with fresh garlic olive oil and butter rice
18,80 €
 Salmon from the grill
with spinach leaves and buttered potatoes
17,80 €
 Filet of plaice
with market-fresh vegetables and buttered potatoes
17,80 €


52Filetsteak 200g24,80 €
53Filesteak 300g31,80 €
54Rumpsteaks 200g21,80 €
55Rumpsteaks 300g26,80 €
58Hüftsteak 200g19,80 €
59Hüftsteak 300g23,80 €

House plates


Steak plate “Embrica decora”
Beef fillets, rump steaks, pork fillets, turkey steaks with broccoli and hollandaise sauce, served with buttered rice, croquettes and French fries

45,00 €
95House plate “Split”
Meat skewer, rump steaks, pork tenderloin, pljeskavica, small Wiener schnitzel, served with fresh vegetables, djuvec rice and fries
39,80 €
ca 600g with fresh mushrooms plus two baked potatoes
64,00 €

Grill dishes

Hacksteak stuffed with feta cheese, served with djuvec rice and fries
14,80 €
79Half and a half
A skewer of raznjici, three cevapcici with djuvec rice and fries.
13,80 €
81Smoke skewer
Rump steak, pork tenderloin, chop, minced steak.
with djuvec rice and fries
17,80 €
82Split plate
Rump steak, pork tenderloin, turkey steak served with fried potatoes
16,80 €
83Grill plate
a skewer of raznjici, two cevapcici, a cutlet, life with djuvec rice and fries
17,80 €
84Grilled liver
With bacon, fried onions and fried potatoes
13,80 €
88Funny Bosnian
Rump steak stuffed with cooked ham and cheese served with fried potatoes
20,80 €
90Farmer steak
Pork neck with roasted onions, fried egg and fried potatoes
14,80 €
85Pepper skewer
Turkey, beef and pork medallion, with pepper sauce served with fries
18,80 €
86Dubrovnik skewer
Turkey, beef and pork medallion, with mushrooms, fried potatoes and fresh vegetables
18,80 €


99Pepper Schnitzel.
(Breaded pork cutlet with pepper sauce served with French fries
13,80 €
100Champignon escalope
breaded pork schnitzel with fresh mushroom sauce.
served with french fries
13,80 €
102Schnitzel “Hawaii”
breaded pork cutlet with pineapple,
Sauce Hollandaise2 and cheese au gratin served with fried potatoes
14,80 €
103Black Forest Schnitzel
with boiled ham 2, 3, 13,cheese au gratin, served with fried potatoes
14,80 €
104Pork tenderloin “Mozart”
(three pork medallions doused with sauce bernaise 2,
green pepper served with fried potatoes
16,80 €
105Emmerich plate
Three different steaks in fresh mushroom sauce,
plus croquettes and broccoli
17,80 €
107Councilman plate
three different steaks, fried egg,
plus bacon beans and fried potatoes
16,80 €
108Pork tenderloin “Jamaica”
with fruit and sauce Hollandaise 2 au gratin,
served with broccoli and fried potatoes
16,80 €
109Pork tenderloin with fresh mushroom sauce.
(served with french fries
16,80 €
122Turkey steak “Gorgonzola”
with imperial vegetables and croquettes 4
15,80 €
127Turkey cutlet “Parisian style”
with broccoli and croquettes 4
13,80 €
128Curry cutlets
of turkey breast, fruity sauce with fruit served with butter ice
13,80 €

For more dishes, check out our current menu at Restaurant Split.